Rib misalignment syndrome

Rib misalignment syndrome

According to my Injury classification system, Rib misalignment syndrome with no other associated condition, is considered Level 1 Injury, as per the main dysfunction being found at the first Alignment protective layer.

The ribs articulate with the vertebral segments on the back and joins the sternum at the front. Due to the constant back and forth movement of the ribs from breathing allied with a poor posture and thoracic misalignment, rib issue is a common condition seen among patients. Subtle misalignments will only cause a discomfort when actively provoked during clinical assessment. Severe misalignments could be quite debilitating casing sharp pain at the level of the rib and is aggravated with twisting and arm movement.

In my clinical experience, rib issue is rarely the primary problem, usually the vertebral misalignment is the precursor for this condition.



Spinal and rib clinical assessment to identify the dysfunctional vertebral segments that contributed to this deformity.

Xray analyses

Anteroposterior (AP) and Lateral spinal views are essential to accurately diagnosed and visualise the patterns of dysfunction.


Treatment Protocol

Specific spinal and rib adjustments followed by a rehabilitation regime to strengthen the entire soft tissue support of the spine.

Advise in work ergonomics is important for preventing this condition.

Depending on the level of deformity and chronicity, minimum 6 weeks to 12 weeks of care is advisable to resolve this condition.

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