Wing Scapula

Wing Scapula

According to my Injury classification system, Winging Scapula with no other associated condition, is considered Level 1 Injury, as per the main dysfunction being found at the first Alignment protective layer. Winging Scapula Is a condition where the scapula is lift off from the ribcage due to a primary misalignment dysfunction of the scapula and maintained by weak serratus anterior muscle. The progression of this disorder creates a compromised scapulothoracic rhythm and eventually results in a fixed forward shoulder posture.

Misalignment progression sequence

A posterior misalignment scapula (winging scapula) cause the muscle groups to compensates and become hypertonic and weak (Serratus anterior compromised) affecting the scapulothoracic rhythm and changing the orientation of the shoulder joint and casing the humerus to misalign anterior and inferior leading to the fixed forward position.


In my clinical experience, this is a common postural presentation seen among my patients, this pattern of dysfunction is one of the main  predisposing factors for several shoulder injuries.



Clinical evaluation of the shoulder girdle as well as visualizing the pattern of compensation presence on the upper extremity.

X-ray analyses

Anterior – Posterior (AP) shoulder view is essential to evaluate the degree of misalignment involved in this deformity.


Treatment protocol

Specific adjustments to the shoulder complex

Stretching and strengthening of specific shoulder muscle groups

Depending on the level of deformity and chronicity, minimum 6 weeks of care is advisable to resolve this condition.

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