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What My Clients Say

I came to Fernando recommended by one of my best friends  Mariam.  I had a chronic lower back disc injury and was advised to have surgery as the only option to relive my sciatica pain. Fernando helped me to not only prevent me from having surgery but managed to find a resolution to my ongoing issue. His holistic approach and attention to details makes him in my opinion one of the best health care practitioners out there.

Jesse – 36

What My Clients Say

The best health care specialist I have ever encountered. His examination process and the variety of techniques he offers is quite amazing. He was the only doctor that managed to properly diagnose my knee issue and treat accordingly. I am able to go back to my volleyball class and exercise thanks to his expertise and knowledge.

Oggi – 36


What My Clients Say

Fernando is a top practitioner in his field. I twisted my ankle last summer  and since then I  have tried many forms of treatment to help me with my injury. After months of treatment, my ankle was not right, I sill felt really unstable and afraid to return to my normal actitivty levels. Fernando came recommended by one of my colleagues that sufered from similar injury. His examination and dignostic skills is quite impressive, I enaged in a treatment plan with him and follow all his recommendations. I am happy to say my ankle feels stronger then ever.

Megan – 42