License Practitioner

Fernando Bidino is a healthcare specialist consultant with degrees in Osteopathic medicine and Physiotherapy. In essence, he is one of the very few specialists in London that is able to combine and deliver these main streams of complementary medical treatment throughout the different stages of care, making his treatment approach both unique and highly efficient.


Throughout my extensive education and clinical experience, I conclude that even though there are several named pathologies and diseases described by the traditional medicine, which mostly focuses on symptom management,  the origin and the predisposing factors that have lead the development of these healthcare conditions shared a similar causation and pathophysiological principle.


My Approach & Values

I have developed a systematic method for diagnosing and managing  several musculoskeletal  conditions, as I realized that  due to the multiple level of tissue damage  often seeing in injuries  there is not a single approach that is enough in order to properly managed and fully resolve the condition in question, hence I developed specific treatment protocols  utilising different health care methods and techniques that eventually  allowed me to efficiently resolve and heal as well as prevent the further development of future injuries.

My Experience

  • GOsc  Member of the General Osteopathic Council
  • HCPC  Member of the Health and Care Professional Council
  • ANAFIQ  Member of the Associacao Nacional de Fisioterapia em Quiropraxia

My Education

  • Internationally Graduated in Physiotherapy
  • Diploma in Quiropraxia by the Instituto Coluna Vertebral
  • Master in Osteopathic Medicine 

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