Coronavirus general guidelines

When visiting the clinic, we ask you to please remember these general principles to ensure we all have a good clinic experience, minimise risk and stay safe.

• Please don’t bring anything unnecessary into the building. This includes pets, large bags, grocery shopping, and other people who are not using our services.
• Please try to keep your hands to yourself and try not to touch anything unnecessary while in the clinic.
• Please arrive at the time of your appointment to prevent unnecessary time in the reception
• Please ensure you remain at least 2m away from any other person in the clinic (except when being seen by your). Practitioner)
• If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend and follow Government guidelines.




Each client must complete and sign the online consent form prior to arrival. Without this form the practitioner may option to refrain from treatment.



 Gov’t legislation states visit to the osteopath and physiotherapist are considered a legitimate reason to leave the home. So you can feel reassured that if you have a problem I can legally help you. (list of healthcare professionals stated in, schedule 2, part 3, paragraphs 37&38)

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General cleaning protocol for the following areas

• Front door – left open when possible to avoid contact. If closed, contact points are disinfected every hour.
• Waiting area – all books, and excess furniture have been removed, and contact areas are cleaned after every client or contact. If no contact, areas will be cleaned hourly.
• Washrooms – available to all for handwashing upon arrival. Contact surfaces will be cleaned after every use.
• Reception desk – surfaces are cleaned after each client contact, or every 30 minutes without contact if the reception is unattended.
• Treatment areas – all contact surfaces are cleaned after each client contact, or every 30 minutes without contact.
• Clinic room remains open in between patients to add on air circulation.


You are welcome to wear your own gloves and mask in the clinics. Practitioners and staff will have access to additional gloves, masks and plastic aprons – please feel free to request them to wear these items if it makes you more comfortable (especially if you are deemed or consider yourself to be “higher risk”). Practitioner’s gloves will be disposed of after each client and/or hands thoroughly washed and sterilised after each client.